Yuna Whitepaper
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What is $YUNA?

$YUNA is a fully decentralized community token that comes from the new cryptocurrency generation. The new-gen cryptocurrency was created in tribute of Yuna, the Black & Tan Shiba Inu. Yuna is one of the four descendants of Ryoshi's ($SHIB founder) Shiba Inu dog.
$YUNA is ready to lead the next generation of this popular dog breed revolution, and take on the legacy that has been created by the ancestors of the previous generation.
(For Example: $DOGE, $SHIB, $ELON, $FLOKI, $BabyDoge, $VOLT etc.)

Community Establishment

Projects built on the foundation of social engagement are the untamed wilderness of our future. The further we move away from rigid social structures and traditional ways of thinking, the freer we become to find new ways to solve problems and relate to one another.
In a world dominated by the commercialization of time, community-based projects are more than just a diversion; they are an opportunity to practice radical acceptance of others.
When success depends on the collective strength of the individuals who make up a collective, we are forced to change our perspectives to fit those around us.
Yuna together with Friends
A community is held together by hundreds, if not thousands, of interconnected moments.
By studying those who were drawn to the ancestors of the previous generation, we realized that true power does not come from a single perspective, but from working together in harmony.
With this in mind, we began developing the Yuna Ecosystem in earnest.