Yuna Whitepaper
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Problematic Centralization

Until now, centralization has been a prerequisite for all of our official structures. Political, eduational, and financial systems are, and have always been, crafted in a way that does not equally and ethically distribute power to those functioning within them. There may have been times in history where this sort of internal configuration played an important role, but, in an age with information of the world available at the click of a button, it's time to rethink.
Cryptocurrency itself comes from the idea of disrupting routine and redefining how wealth can be acquired, which goes against traditional processes by its very nature. And yet, most, if not all, cryptocurrencies function with a system of enforceable rules. It's easy to see when we look back at cases like how Binance Smart Chain seems to use centralized authority to offer ''benefits'' over their decentralized partnerships.

The Solution

$YUNA is a decentralized cryptocurrency, with no direct human manipulation risks on the technical side of the cryptocurrency itself. The $YUNA smart contracts are renounced which means the ownership keys to call the functions inside the smart contracts are thrown away.
This enables the next-gen cryptocurrency project to develop into a real community based project, where no owners have the key to manipulate or modify anything related to the smart contracts.